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Essential PC is a 40% purified source of
GMO and Alcohol Free phosphatidylcholine (PC).

The high content of PC lipids in Essential PC can provide a significant amount of cell membrane building PC. Essential PC is more highly purified than other commodity brands of triple strength lecithin; the most commonly used source of Phosphatidylcholine. And, as it relates to efficacy the higher the PC content the better. More active PC means there are fewer "less essential" phospholipids such as PE, PI, and PA around to compete for absorption, and this directly enhances the bio-availability of Essential PC where it the cell membrane!

Essential PC should be included in every wellness program and is absolutely the best alternative to PhosChol in otherwise healthy individuals. Essential PC is an all around aid to good health and an integral component to any age management protocol.

Essential PC should not be compared to PhosChol. For over 30 years, PhosChol remains the Gold Standard for Purified PPC and is the only product on the market capable of delivering therapeutic quantities of 1,2 DLPC.
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Essential PC Lipids
Essential PC Lipids
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